Cast Iron CAD

A product design, engineering and manufacturing company based in Brighton UK.

Cast Iron CAD has over 25 years’ experience in helping companies with design and product development. 

We take a flexible and innovative approach (See below diagram) to help you create breakthrough products and intellectual property.

Based in Brighton, we are a product development and engineering company who can help manage the entire process, from conceptual ideas and designs, through to prototyping, manufacture, and packaging.

Our highly skilled and passionate team can find solutions for almost any challenge, big or small, both in the UK and in Europe. 

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What We Do

We offer a full development service and can help take your product from concept to production . Cast Iron CAD can have as much or as little involvement as necessary with your project, taking you through a full product development cycle, or using our expertise to assist with specific areas.   

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Product design

Specification > Conceps > Design

person holding black and white plastic cup


Optimisation > Prototypes > Testing

Kuka labeled box


Production Engineering > Launch

Our process

The process has been developed over 25 years and can be used as a framework to support your idea though to manufacture.

This process is based on the UK design councils "Double Diamond", the "Business model canvas", multiple innovation tools and the combined experience of 50+ professionals working in product development.

Physical Product Development Diagram

Engineering Expertise

Design, Engineering & Production Techniques used:
CIC works with all industrial manufacturing techniques:

Polymer Engineering:
Advanced polymer product development
Areas of expertise:
Injection molding (RIM, MIM, blowing agent foamed), Extrusion (multiple layer, straight profile), Blow-molding, Sheet thermoforming (vacuum, pressurized), Thermosetting compounds (compression, transfer molding, casting), rubber molding, 3D Printing (SLA, SLS, CLIP), Foam Sheet & punching, Rotational Molding, CNC machining (multiple axis, lathe), joining (vibration welding, gluing, assembly, snap-fit), surface finishing.


CNC machining (multiple axis, lathe), casting (lost wax, sand casting, shell molding), Fabrication (welding, brazing, gluing, riveting, Soldering, assembly, fusion), Finishing (grinding, hand polishing, electro-polishing, coating (paint, electroplating, galvanising), extrusion, rolling, bending, cutting (laser, water, punching), pressing, tempering, engraving, spinning, swaging.

CNC machining (multiple axis, lathe), injection molding via sintering.

Handcrafted, CNC milled, lathe, finishing (polished, painted, hot stamping, laser etching) Joining (assembly, standard joints, gluing), routing